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Distressing Discolorations

Exuviance OptiLight All Over Dark Spot Minimizer

After years of sun exposure, dark spots you see emerging now can be aging your appearance by a decade or more! Thankfully, Exuviance OptiLight All Over Dark Spot Minimizer SPF 25 can help. This hydroquinone-free formula diminishes the look of existing dark spots while preventing new discolorations from forming, restoring brightness and evening skin tone.

"Excess sun exposure over the years can leave skin with a variety of unwanted sun spots, dark marks, and discolorations on your face, hands and décolletage. When considering skin care that addresses these hyperpigmentation concerns, choose correction products that diminish existing discolorations and help prevent new spots from developing. Exuviance OptiLight All Over Dark Spot Minimizer SPF 25 utilizes NeoGlucosamine®, Retinol and a stable form of Vitamin C to reduce the intensity of existing dark spots by promoting cell turnover to lightly exfoliate and break up pigment clusters. Proven botanical ingredients such as Turmeric and Alpine Plants help block the enzyme that triggers new melanin production, preventing new spots from forming." ~Dr. Julie K. Karen, a board certified dermatologist currently practicing in New York.

How does it work? The secret is in patented NeoGlucosamine®. "NeoGlucosamine® is a non-acid exfoliant that helps to stimulate cell renewal without irritating the skin and also can help reduce pigment abnormalities. As a building block of hyaluronic acid, it helps to fortify the skin's support matrix." ~says Dr. Karen.

Hydroquinone is a skin lightening ingredient approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It lightens skin by helping to reduce the production of melanin / pigment, though some people prefer to use products without HQ in them. "Exuviance OptiLight All Over Dark Spot Minimizer SPF 25," adds Dr. Karen, "is especially recommended for patients who cannot tolerate hydroquinone, as well as for those who wish to avoid harsh, prescription bleaching agents."

Exuviance OptiLight All Over Dark Spot Minimizer SPF 25

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